May 19, 2019

All hands on deck!

Sooo, apparently hand creams are not enough to restore moisture to our hands. Imagine! And I’m thinking I am acing the repair and maintain strategy… see me roll my eyes. 

They say… American dermatologists, that is. That this little product helps seal off external moisture, so internal moisture can be built up, ensuring hydration from inside.

AS per prep series #1 – I highlighted hydrate (step 1) repair (step 2) and routine (step 3) and it is no different for your hands. 

The skin on our hands is extremely delicate and thin, hence we can hardly ever hide our true age when we show our hands. So take as much care!
If you prefer presenting a colourful, manicured and jewelled hand, I suggest using the Winter to catch up and give them some well-deserved downtime. Even as a natural gal, care shows! 

1. Scrub. Sugar and oil (to be found in your grocery cupboard) or a nice fragranced hand scrub from your local beauty store – luke-warm water, rub and rinse.
2. Gloves in a bottle.
3. Sleep.

Yes, this is an overnight treatment. No risk of rinsing, washing, sanitising or wiping. 

During the day, try to moisturise after using water, sanitiser or hand/facial wipes.

For salon treatments – A paraffin manicure is the best.

REMEMBER: It is Winter. Gloves and all knitwear are in trend, WEAR THEM! 

Now, I am off to buy myself a bottle of the famed Gloves-in-a-bottle, watch this space, I will post a reply on my thoughts and experience.