May 31, 2019

The Art… of Layering

There is that Practical reason and then there is the stylish one. Here are some reasons, and tips, to combine both!

  1. It is Winter and cold comes to mind first. So let’s keep warm.
  2. In Style we have a rule of 3, with layers, there is the same.
  3. Southern African regions and work environments mean temperature changes hourly.
Image result for winter layered outfits

Layer 1 – closest to your body/base layer. Controls warmth and moisture

Layer 2- Insulates, creates a warm pocket of air between your layers, needs to be less tight fitting

Layer 3 – Protects, to be taken off easily. Most versatile.

note to reader: I do not count scarves as part of this 3 layer system.

Rule of Three, you ask? Simple. It is winter, and I have trousers and a shirt to wear, shoes (don’t count) and off I go. I see another person, similarly dressed, but looks amazing – the difference is that third piece. an accessory, jacket, layer (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) with a print, bold colour, texture, shine, shimmer or accent, that brings my outfit to life. Have a look on my facebook page, I am sure there are some interesting ideas, especially with animal print and neon colours, with the rule of three incorporated.