June 11, 2019

Foot Files

Feet are a tough subject.

They are a touchy subject….. yet here we are. 

Winter prep – still on the body stuff and not yet on the obvious clothing stuff – as style is about a bit more than that eh. 

Right, face and hands we covered 3 steps – Hydrate, Repair and Routine. No different here, however for a slightly different reason…

Feet are mostly covered, partially or completely, some of us even sleep with socks. We uncover our feet to submerge them in water (see: shower or bath) change shoes, sleep or walk barefoot. Either way they have carried you the whole day. They are made for this task until end of life and should just as equally, enjoy some attention and be taken care of. 
Feet that sweat:  as happens when we wear socks, closed shoes, running shoes or experience heat, lose moisture, so they will dry out. 

Routine: Clean! even closed feet pick up lint and stuff that tuns into dirt, and keep them short please.

Hydrate: My favourite is from Sorbet, a little bottle of intense repair, I do recommend.

Repair: Do not despair, here you can use any old remedy you choose, but nothing beats prevention like weekly (mild and soft) filing, and intense moisture at night. Cracked heels start small, NEVER as big as in the infomercials, so please target them soon……