August 13, 2019

Women’s Month 2019

Where do we find inspiration? When do we know something is relevant… how come the influencers we follow, or the articles we read, always talk about a ‘spot-on’ topic, and I feel as if it was just right for me – yet when I need the inspiration, to share with others, I find nothing, and end up getting stuck for hours on end, in quicksand online-shopping and social media posts about complaints and perfect wanna-be’s!!

Then I come across the image, on my timeline of Hilary Duff and it hits me, amidst all the posts and ads and ‘how-to’ videos – The aim of my consultancy: #selflove #bodyconfidence

Isn’t that the point of it all… what we believe, we can achieve! a whole month, dedicated to the power of us! how awesome. Whether you like your hair up, down, short or long. Makeup, Botox, Bunny-chows or Bikes.

Oppression is a state of mind. Achievement starts with desire and let no one tell you what your beauty should look, feel or sound like.

I can only help you with finding it, if you feel you need some guidance.