November 14, 2019

Wedding Season!

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Guests and their Style sagas, brides and their invite details….. do we really know what we mean when we say Semi Formal? As a guest, are you being respectful, when you show up Smart Casual?

In this post, I will be sharing some practical examples as to what the differences are, for both men and woman.

Gentlemen, Yes guys, men, dudes, okes – the next paragraph is focused on you.

Semi Formal

Means no jeans!

Button up, collard shirt is a must.

a Tie and sport jacket are interchangeable or can be worn together.


Dark Suite

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Tie or bow-tie is non negotiable

Accessories to round off, are advised e.g cuff links and tie pin

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Side Note: Men and woman. There is a difference between formal and semi formal for work and weddings/events. This post focuses on weddings, and the advice is interchangeable for events. my next post will give some advice on business attire.

Ladies Semi Formal

Ladies, if you would wear it to a party, then it is not suitable for a wedding. But even the simplest outfit can be dressed up, for impact (see Kate Middleton insert)

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LONG dresses. As with men’s suits, formal is defined by its simplicity, dressed up by your accessories.

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Smart Casual falls in a entirely different category and I will cover both, for men and woman below:

Here we can start ‘dressing up’ jeans and t-shirts, and almost bring in a ‘signature’ style, especially for men.

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For the ladies, we can sum it up as a more ‘relaxed’ way of dressing up, but still making an effort.

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Not too difficult, especially when we consider, in essence, the accessories are at the core. The intention is what counts, and we show our gratitude, and respect, to all the effort and planning, of one special day, in dressing accordingly.

Happy wedding season to all! stay safe and stay true to yourself please.