July 8, 2020

Colour Flow

Knowing and understanding, what your colour flow is and why it is important will enhance your complexion, hide everything you thought was needed and make your life, and daily routine, so much easier.

I have had the privilege to do 2 consultations this month, both ladies have opted, and made a habit, of making ‘safe’ choices regarding their hair colour – none of us, ever, seem to be pleased with that which we were naturally blessed with…

Yet, when shown, in perspective, who their closest celebrity match is, and what their defining difference is, makes the colour flow, as their best weapon, tool and magic wand, the best defense (winter, aging, corporate wear – you name it).

Yes, poor celebrities, bla bla, but they are our mutual base for reference, and they always seem to have it all, perfectly together. Hence my example, today, is of Lidndsay Lohan (image credits: Bing)

Image result for lindsay lohan
Cool blonde vs
See the source image
Warm Gold

Are you curious about your colour flow, and ready to equip yourself with the right tools?

One of the numerous services I have on offer, is a colour consultation. Feel free to contact me with any queries.