February 18, 2021

2021 Colour(s)

Colour(s) of the year

Have you noticed, certain ‘colour trends’ and references to ‘colour of the year’, has it ever made you wonder, what everyone is talking about?

Well, industry and trend experts use colour psychology, and historical trends (year-o year) and decide what will have most impact on our buying habits and moods, then they release a ‘colour of the year’

2020 Colour was Classic blue, how calming and classic. Yet 2021 has heralded 2! colours for the year. If you think about it, it really sums up our expectations and current trends.

Illuminating and Ultimate Grey – Hope after global lockdowns, and grey for economical and family impact.

So…. how do we wear these two colours?

These two colours go great together!
Or match them, as suggested in this image

I have gone, and done some online shopping, to make your life, and warddrobe planning easier. (see below pictures and details)

Like one of the colours – accessorise and wear with confidence.

Happy shopping

*all photos are credit to pantone – pinterest. All shopping photos are referenced on photo