Get answers for your questions below. Else, please drop me an email at carla@carla-image.co.za

What are my skills and qualifications?

I qualified and registered as an Image consultant with the South African Image Academy with a cum laude in both colour and style certifications.

My specialised skills are, but not limited to, Personal Shopping, Workshops, capsule wardrobes, decluttering and getting to know yourself.

Why would I want, or need the services of an image consultant?

We all search for information on DIY home projects, food preparation or simply further our studies in the pursuit of specialised scholastic knowledge. A Image Consultant is a service geared towards knowledge enhancement to instill a healthy mindset about your body, your image and style personality. I assist with simply decluttering, modifying or enhancing yourself, cupboard or style.

How do I choose a consultant?

Start geographically, once you know who is in your area, do your research. Are they qualified, with which reputable institution; Follow them on social media – to get a feel for their personality, and insight into their specialised skills; Read testimonials and check on their recommendations.

Make contact, and start a discussion on your needs and wants; compare your choices and then make your decision.

Do Image consultants use their free time to criticise and judge others?

Personalities and personal ethics differ. A Gossip monger will stay one, whether they are the pastor’s wife or block-man at the butchery.

One who judges others will do so when you look and feel your best and your worst, their opinions are limited to their own knowledge set and are best avoided – personally and professionally.

My aim is to help you, be your best you. Not me, or any other person for that matter.

What is a style personality, and why is it important?

What we wear and how we wear it, tells other people, in a glimpse, a little bit of who we are. Knowing which category you most comfortably fall into, can go a long way in easing your shopping woes, wardrobe malfunctions and wasting money on bad buys.

Most stores cater within a general group, adding to your frustration when you wander in, and don’t find anything suitable.

As a professional, my style personality should not affect my service to you when shopping and dressing in a different style to mine.

What are the benefits of a colour consultation?

Anyone, and everyone can wear pink, and yellow and brown! You just need to know which shade compliments your own skintone.

Changed your haircolour? You probably need to adjust your wardrobe colouring.

What is a neutral, how do I best wear monochrome – all these and more are answered.

What is the difference between a consultation and a makeover?

During a consultation you and I go on a journey geared towards you getting to know more about your body shape, style personality, colouring and closet essentials.

A Makeover happens when you, most generally, have gone through a life change and you would like to change your current look and style, to match the ‘new you’. Makeovers require a mindset geared towards big change and requires strong commitment to stay with the change and make it your own.

What happens during a style and/or colour consultation?

We discuss and get to know the uniqueness of your face shape, body shape, your own perceived flaws, colour coding and wardrobe analysing, with a dash of shopping tips and style essentials.

Where do consultations happen?

Makeovers happen in a studio or salon

Consultations ideally happen in your house, with your cupboard.