Winter prep series #1

Skincare AND Style? 
Yes, or otherwise you may just as well walk around with just one sock on. Same same. 

Winter skincare is different, due to climate, affected by age and a great time to repair some damage.
First of all,hydrate – inside and out. So remember water/tea/juice etc is important – mind the sugary stuff, as it doesn’t help to hydrate. 
Remember: You need to add moisture, don’t increase the richness of the product. Keep an eye out for natural added oils, like vitamin e or avocado oils. The ‘butters’ add richness and tend to clog pores. 

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Second, repair. This we can do with peels, and some retina A treatments – do speak to a Dr and/or dermatologist or visit your nearest beauty salon for their advice and product ranges
Remember: Sunscreen is just as important as in summer. 

Third, routine. Products are not as important (my opinion) as routine, and diligence: 
Cleanse twice a day – got that tight feeling? you may be using too harsh a cleanser
Moisturise according to your skin type – this will avoid clogged pores and wrinkles. 
Sunscreen – during the day
Serum or oil treatment – at night, for extra recovery while you sleep
In winter we have some knitwear and headwear to cover up, it is a great time to hide a few things, while we prepare them for our summer reveals. 
I have discovered these blogs post about product reviews and some other handy hints, you may wish to add to your own routine.